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Financial Aid Professionals

We are a specialized network of experienced FEE-ONLY financial advisers, CPAs, and attorneys dedicated to helping individuals and families secure the best college financial aid options. Our comprehensive approach combines expert financial planning, legal and tax services, and portfolio management to help you achieve your education and financial goals.

Whether you need assistance creating a financial plan to afford college, navigating the complexities of financial aid applications, or optimizing your tax strategies, our FEE-ONLY network is here to guide you every step of the way. Click here to Ask a Question or Scheduled a Free Consultation or Visit  1800ADVISER.COM to browse our directory of advisers. 


Our experienced team of fee-only financial advisers can guide you through the process, including completing the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and help you understand the different types of financial aid available.


Our advisers can help you identify all available sources of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, and loans, and develop a strategy to maximize the amount of aid you receive.


Our team provides expert advice on student loans, including choosing the best loan options, managing loan repayment, and understanding the tax implications of student loan debt. We can help you develop a plan to minimize the impact of student loan debt on your financial future.

Experts in Financial Aid Planning

Looking for a FEE-ONLY financial-aid adviser who can help you navigate the complex world of college financial aid? Look no further than 1800ADVISER.COM. Our website lists the biography and specialties of our network of experienced financial-aid advisers, and you can easily choose one or more advisers to speak with based on your needs.

To learn more about our services, watch our video, submit your questions, or simply visit 1800ADVISER.COM to connect with a financial-aid adviser today.

The Independent Adviser Corporation was founded in 1999 and since then has provided financial advisory services to literally thousands of investors. We’ve NEVER charged a commission nor will we. Our services are based on an agreed-upon fee with our clients so there is transparency and no strings attached.
Our Fee-Only professionals have a deep understanding of financial aid processes and regulations, as well as the financial options available to students and their families. 
They can be resourceful and creative, free from any conflicts of interest, by being independent and not receiving commissions from any financial products. They can put their clients’ best interests first and provide guidance that is tailored to their specific needs and goals.
A Fee-Only financial adviser who specializes in financial aid assistance can provide expert guidance on application requirements and maximize eligibility for aid. They can also help families develop a comprehensive financial plan and provide ongoing support throughout the college application process. Overall, their services can create a seamless and stress-free experience for families navigating the complex world of college financial aid.
Our team of fee-only financial advisers specializes in developing customized financial aid strategies that optimize your tax situation and maximize your eligibility for grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid. By taking into account the latest tax laws and regulations, we can help you minimize your tax burden and make the most of your available resources. Whether you’re a student or a parent, our advisers can provide expert guidance on the complex intersection of taxes and college financial aid planning.

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The Independent Adviser Corporation was founded in 1999 and has provided financial advisory services to literally thousands of investors. We’ve NEVER charged a commission nor will we. Our services are based on an agreed-upon fee so there is transparency and no strings attached.

Compassionate, Independent and Objective

Not only are we independent and objective, but we can be compassionate and sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of families. We are free from conflicts of interest so we can put our clients’ best interests first. Our guidance is tailored to specific needs & goals.

Seamless and Stress
Free Estate

We help make estate settlements seamless and stress-free by ensuring that all necessary documents, are in order, and by helping navigate the probate process. We assist with the distribution of assets, addressing disputes and providing tax guidance making the process smooth as possible for the beneficiaries.

We Always
Provide Free Consultations

It is essential to choose someone you trust to manage your affairs after you’re gone. We believe that you can get 100% Independent and 100% Objective advice. That is why we are committed to your privacy rights. Your questions are answered privately and are never sold to third parties.

Financial Aid Services

Financial Aid Strategies

We work with you to create a personalized financial aid strategy that takes into account your unique financial situation, educational goals, and preferences.

Assistance with FAFSA and CSS Profile

We guide you through the process for applying for financial aid programs, including completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and CSS Profile.

Analysis of Financial Aid Award Letters

We analyze your award letters to ensure you are receiving the maximum amount of financial aid you are eligible for and help you understand terms & conditions.

Scholarship and Grant Search Assistance

Our advisers help you identify and apply for scholarships and grants that align with your academic and personal interests, increasing your chances of receiving additional funding.

Student Loan Advice

We provide expert advice on federal and private student loans, including choosing the best loan options for you and your family, and repayment strategies after graduation.

Multi-Year Tax Planning

We help you understand the tax implications of your financial aid and student loans and provide tax planning strategies that can minimize the impact of taxes on your financial aid and college costs.